Brenda Spindler

" Dr. Branton and his staff are an awesome primary care office. My husband and I were there this morning and we both commented when we left that he takes his time with us. He doesn't rush out of our visit fast and gives us time to talk and to ask questions to make sure we understand things. He's very knowledgeable and always seems to be researching things on his own to help his patients. We feel comfortable knowing he's overseeing our health care with us. "

Judy Bennett

" Dr Jarrah is the best PCP ever!!! I now drive over an hour each way to see her but wouldn't change doctors for anything! She takes her time, she listens, is non judgment, is willing to research answers for what she doesn't know. She personally has saved my 28 year old daughters life over the past three years. I love this woman! "

Kennedy Soper

" Dr. Jarrah takes the time to listen to her patients. She makes you feel comfortable talking with her about what's going on! Best around for sure! "

Trish Bunting

" Friendly staff and they work with us regarding appt times, refills, etc. Both Dr. Jarrah and Dr. Branton take very good care of both my husband and myself. We both highly recommend these Primary Care Drs. "

Michael Beauchamp

" If your goal is to simply treat symptoms of a current health condition any MD should suffice. However, if you are looking for the cause and resolution to your health issues you will not find a more capable physician than Dr. Branton. "

Anne Parks

" Staff very sweet and helpful!! Definitely 5 star establishment. Annie Parks "

Joyce Perdue

" Starting with the receptionist, then the nurse, and finally with Dr. Branton, I never feel rushed, always feel valued. Anything I need to discuss is always thoroughly answered. All my healthcare with other doctors is reviewed here and it is the one place that is concerned with my total healthcare picture "

John Hopkins

" I have known Drs. Branton and Jarrah ever since they came to Salisbury and I trust them completely and they are very thorough. "

David Smith

" Been with Dr Branton for about 40 years. Stays current and takes plenty of time with me discussing my health and continuously making the proper changes when I change as I age. "

Amy Brumley

" Dr Jarrah very caring and thorough! "

Cathy Love

" Dr. Jarrah listens to her patients. She is also one of the smartest doctors I have ever met. I am a nurse and have sent many people to her that no one could figure out what to do. She is like our Salisbury "HOUSE" dr from tv. Personally this week picked up on pneumonia missed by 2 urgent care trips. She cares. Listens and is smart. Good qualities for a PCP "

Erin Steele

" Best primary care in town. "

Sherry Thomas

" I have been going to Dr. Jarrah for many many years. My husband, sister and brother in law also go to her. I recommend my patients to her also. She is an absolute amazing doctor. "

Hans Rudolph III

" I have been hospitalized over 22 times and spent 1 and half years of my life in Hospitals all over this Country. I have had so many Doctors some excellent and some very poor.
Dr. Branton is the smartest Doctor overall, I have ever had period! I could not recommend a Doctor more than him! "

John Eby

" Dr. Branton. Great Dr spends time explaining health issues and recommended treatments "


" I always get an appt when I need one. Both Dr Branton and Dr Jarrah are excellent doctors. My husband and I have been their patients for 21 years. We won't go anywhere else. "

MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy

Both I and my husband (in our 70's) see Drs. Branton and Jarrah. They are absolulely the most caring, professional, and knowlegable physicians we have ever used. Also, many of our specialist doctors compliment them. "

Susan DeMorra

" Drs. Branton and Jarrah are progressive physicians with each patient and their needs at the heart of their practice. I have been a patient for 23 years, and my entire family sees both doctors. With each patient and their particular needs in mind, a strong wellness plan is developed and followed with the patients long term health at the front of what they do. They are solid at following up with lab results and are timely with any change in the patients care that may be needed. Appointments are not hard to make and patients are not made to wait days on end to get in to see their doctor. If you are sick, you are taken right away. I highly recommend these doctors "

Self Verified Patient

" This is how medicine was intended to to be practiced. Very thorough and not in a hurry ! Dr Branton is a very intelligent physician that also has a calming bed side manner. I have complete confidence in his medical judgement. "

Salisbury, MD

Self Verified Patient

" Been a patient of Dr. Branton and his wife for almost 20 yrs. every time a sudden condition arises they see me right away and are 100% right on their diagnosis. Hardly any wait time which doesn't bother me because their helping other patients. Highly recommend both Drs. Branton and Jarrah "

Shelley 9/2018

" I've been a patient of Dr. Branton's for over 20 years. I trust him and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I have referred Dr. Branton to many of my friends and family over the years. "

Self Verified Patient 7/2018

" This is one of the few doctors that did not seem to be looking past me when speaking. I have never felt I got 'his speech on back pain' as an example. In fact, he found a small heart abnormality when the cardiologist had not. (changed cardiologists) I have tried large practices where on appointment day you mostly wait to be seen by a PA. I can get in quickly when needed. Dr. Branton is very competent, I feel lucky to have him as a resource. I was a patient when he had difficulties - still am. "