Thank you for your interest in our practice. In an era where our nation's healthcare system is in the midst of a financial crisis, we have decided to reject the failed policies of managed care in an attempt to recapture the art of medicine by focusing on our patient's healthcare needs rather than the financial wants of corporate America. When we chose a career in Medicine, we had the young idealism to strive for the betterment of patient's lives by imparting the skills and knowledge we acquired during many years of training. Although we realize we cannot singlehandedly fix the current flawed healthcare system, we believe that we can change for the better the way healthcare is practiced in our office. The Hurried 10 minute appointments which were brought about by the HMO products are not what we are about. We want to take time with our patients and return to the seemingly forgotten days when the practice of Medicine was an art experienced between the Physician and the Patient without having to deal the largely negative impact of third party payers, particularly HMO products.

Our focus is on patient centered care. Our Fee for Service practice is designed to keep fees low by decreasing overall overhead. Since we are not contracting with many insurance companies, our practice will expect full payment at the time of service. We will make every effort to submit claims so that your insurance company will reimburse you in a timely fashion. We do not contract with HMO products. Therefore, we have been able to decrease our patient volume thereby allowing more face-to-face time with our clients. We also make every attempt grant same day appointments in addition to evening appointments and occasional Saturday hours.

Currently we are contracted with Coventry, Informed, Humana and Perdue. We will submit claims electronically for all other insurance products including Medicare, United Healthcare and its subsidiaries. Paper claims will be submitted on behalf of BCBS and Carefirst. Therefore , your insurance will reimburse the you directly according to your particular insurance out of network rates. We continue to accept flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts and for those that can demonstrate significant financial difficulties we do offer a separate sliding fee schedule with a more lenient payment schedule.

Should you have any questions regarding your current health plan's policies regarding out of network deductibles and referrals we kindly ask you to contact your Insurance's customer service department. Unfortunately, there are a few HMO products that will not allow our practice to process referrals (unless you have an open access plan) nor will they reimburse for services rendered out of network. We want you to know that our non-participation with many insurance products will not in any manor affect the cost of ancillary services, prescriptions or hospitalization fees. Since our practice is a community affiliate of Peninsula Regional Medical Center, we previously and will continue to utilize the services of a local private Hospitalist service for all in-patient care. Hospitalists are typically Internal Medicine physicians who only care for hospitalized patients and do not practice outside of the hospital.

We have worked hard to make your experience with us as stress free and as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to caring for you and your family so that you can care for the important things in life.


Lorraine Jarrah, MD Robert Branton, DO